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Herbs and Healing Plants
Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:31 am by Elite Spencer
Whether your looking for a specific herb/healing last or just curious, here is some basic information for the healers in the pack.

Open wounds

-Garlic: This green herb sprouts from the ground in small groups, looking much like a stem without flowers. It serves as a antibacterial for infected cuts.
-Yarrow: A long white flower will heal open wounds and stop the bleeding.
-Mint: (description below) heals small bits and stings.
-Garlic chives: (Looks almost exactly like regular chives but with small bulbs onto) Will stop bleeding.


-Lavender: Is most commonly known as a plant used to soothing and calm, however it is also used to heal burns. Lavender is a tall plant with shades purple blooming flowers, which of course smell like lavender.
-Aloe Vera: This plant's thick green arms grow outward and when broken releases a sappy substance that will heal burns.
-Yarrow: (description above) will heal a fever.
-Snapdragon: Will help get rid of both fevers and burns. This plant grows with beautiful multi colored flowers.


-Wild Indigo (will also heal snake bites) It grows on lengthy stems with purple flowers growing up them.

Nausea/Immune system

-Feverfew: This plant grows in a form of a bush, it's leaves a dark green color, and is usually covered in white daisy's.
-Ginger Root: Is a light brown color that grows in odd dis formed shapes. It fights motion sickness and nausea.
-Basil: The green leaves of basil is commonly used as a anti-infectious and antibacterial herb.
-Garlic (description above) will help your immune system and fight any infections.
-Rosemary: Is used as an Antibacterial and to cleanse ones body. It grows in long clumps that look like long pieces of grass with flower less leaves.
Sage: Used as a pain killer and has light green rounded leaves.
-Lotus Leaf: Builds your metabolism, grows as a very large circular leaf.
-Mint: Sprouts grew leaves and will smell like mint. This plant will help with nausea.
-Chives:Long green plants that will make your immune system better.


-Licorice: Will aid to helping any headache. It's leaves are circular and green (kinda like a four leaf clover)
-Ginger: (description above) will heal cold headaches.
-Lavender:(description above) will help with headaches.
-Sage(description above) will help with headaches as well.

Plants that survive the winter: Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint
Winter Savory: Taken for nausea, it looks just like a weed.

If we forgot anything, or you know of more healing herbs please message Elite Spencer!

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