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Canis Kingdom is a semi realistic canine RPG
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Welcome to Canis Kingdom, a literate canine RPG. We are not just a role-play forum here, but a community. We have a strict set of guidelines. If you have any questions don't be shy to ask, everyone here would be willing to answer your question to the best of their ability.
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Elite Cerawin

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PostSubject: •Guidelines    Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:33 pm


 Eye color can differ from singular to hetero, same as coat patterns. You're aloud to have spots, irregular leg stripes, ear cuffs, multiple colored paws, and strange merle patterns. Horns, wings, mood changing eyes, metal accessories on claws/fangs, earrings, feathers, capes, and anything irregular like that is tolerable, but must be purchased within the shop.

No Mary/Gary Sues

It's forbidden to see characteristics played out by people who intend to be "better" than anyone else around them. If you intentionally provide information that makes your character stand out to be better than another, then you are on the wrong role-play. Being overly beautiful, fluent in language, powerful, flexible and so on isn't aloud. Showing off in a rude way OOC isn't aloud. No one is better than anyone else, every canine should have a weakness chained to it. If you attempt to bypass this rule and provide information in your request or biography, you will be editing your post. Remember, your canine has flaws just like you do. It's okay to be strong, but don't be super fast and super strong at the same time! It's unrealistic!

During Role-play

While you start to jump into the RP, despite if it's an event or not, I do expect to see every user following the same procedure, as the rules do apply for everyone to follow! At least 250 words per post, although we encourage you to write more. Paragraphs are limited to an extent where 3 is minimum. Talking OOC on a post isn't aloud. Take it to PM or the chat box. Stay on topic of what is going on, play as your character only, and remember to follow your character personality. Over time our characters do change, so if something doesn't fit your character anymore, please update it.

Respect is Key

Despite if you have been apart of this pack for a very long time, or you are a new player, you still cannot disrespect anyone according to their behavior or role. If you seek unfair advantages of someone's role and try to provoke them because they have a higher privilege is not tolerable. We are a community. If someone is bullying you, respectfully defend yourself and talk to a staff member right away. "He/She deserved it!" No. Stop. Bruh.

Appreciative Manners

We expect members to be positive and fun-loving OOC. I do wish that at least, every member to say "please" and "thank you." It can go a long way if you think about it.

Realistic Behavior

Feral canines in the wild. What do they do? What do they eat? How do they perform their movements? It's all based down with realistic behavior and body language. Running, jumping, hunting and much more. Canines can perform many tactics but some things they cannot do.

There is somewhat an exception to this rule since we are a fantasy canine site[/color]


Any post you make OOC upon the site must have at least three words. Any posts you make in role-play areas must contain at least 250 words.

Multiple posts or SPAM is not allowed. You must refrain from double posting, once warned by a moderator. Just edit your post. Unless it's an announcement.


Do not advertise your own site or another site on the Chat-Box. It's okay to make a thread for it, but the big ol' C-Box isn't the place.

{You can add your forum in your profile. Theres a place to so if you scroll to the bottom.

If fights/arguments arise among the chatbox, they must be immediately taken into PM. If ignored and users refuse to refrain they will be kicked until further notice! Please, keep the Chat-Box nice and neat!

The chatbox is for chatting with other users. It's not a spotlight for you to be the center of attention, sharing stories is a plus. However, you cannot drown yourself with pityness and try to collect sympathy at any time as it is prohibited.

Make sure everyones involved in the chat! It wouldn't be fun if you were trying to get in with the group but people ignored you!

(Give it some time, meet some people in the RP! Don't be afraid to talk to a moderator or administrator. Of course they take their job seriously, but hey, if you need friend and you're a bit shy at first. We got you.

No controversial/Inappropriate topics allowed on the chatbox.

(religious, suicidal, sexual topics, drug related topics, etc.)

If you are struggling with mental issues (such as depression) we have members that you can reach out to that will gladly talk with you.But we are not professionals.

Whining and complaining on the chatbox is not tolerated. Unless it's verbal play. Please don't keep it going strong though.

Be respectful on the chat-box to everyone! If you have an issue, report it, talk it out over PM. We're roleplaying together! Sometimes it's hard to work things out. PMing a staff member is the best thing you can do.

During RP

Keep it at a PG-13 rated level! Nothing graphic or super gory. Swearing is tolerated, but if you go to far, thats a strike! Don't type a single swear word and post it. You cannot just post, (insert swear word here,) then send it off!

Absolutely no power-playing! Don´t control other players and keep in mind that everyone is vulnerable! If the player gives you permission to power-play there character during a spar or event, that is fine but the admins/mods needs to see a notification at the bottom of there post stating that you have permission to do such things.

Human encounters will not happen unless the Alpha brings them up (during an event, posts about it, etc!)

Every post should consist of at least 250 words!

No chatspeak in RP! (omg, brb, gtg, ttyl, bby, om(f)g, lm(f)ao, etc.

Do not kill other characters without consent to do so. You need proof that this member wanted to kill off their character. We need the new character process to be friendly and rotating nicely. We can't have a bunch of dead canines everywhere.

Before posting, fill out your profile! We need to know who your character is!


Here on Canis Kingdom, trolls and spams are not tolerated, at all. If you want to go do that go to less literate and structured RP. We’re not going to baby you, and wait it out.


Please have an accepted biography before any roleplaying! It's important we know who your character is! You can find this in your profile! We encourage you to make it as long as possible.

Thank you.

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