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Canis Kingdom is a semi realistic canine RPG
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Welcome to Canis Kingdom, a literate canine RPG. We are not just a role-play forum here, but a community. We have a strict set of guidelines. If you have any questions don't be shy to ask, everyone here would be willing to answer your question to the best of their ability.
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 •Canis Kingdom Map

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Elite Cerawin

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PostSubject: •Canis Kingdom Map   Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:10 pm

These feral canines live on an island in the middle of Kingdom Sea. Their territories took years to form, and still today they have skirmishes along borders. Canines who we're on the island were deathly afraid of the water, which made hunting a problem. Fish were everywhere, some dangerous fish as well. A lot of feral canines have different ideas of how everyone was located here, but most commonly this is what they'll say;

"For a long time, i've wondered how we got here. Why are we here in the first place? There must be some logical reason. The story that has been passed around is that the spirit of Mystique was sitting on the sun with her mate and family. But one day, the sun became to hot and caused disaster for her pack. She bounded gracefully off the sun and onto the island. Little did she know she has run into what is today Entrant Pack Territory. She had never been to such a strange place, so when it got dark, her family howled to the moon and would ask Chesru to come down to the island. Chesru as stubborn as she was said no. She wanted to stay close to the stars, but her mate, the one who bounds from clouds to clouds, day and night Zonne' thought it was a good idea. He said goodbye to Chesru and bounded down to the island happily. Chesru was angered by this but longing filled her heart for Zonne'. She followed Zonne' down to the island. When everyone was there things started to improve. Chesru gave birth soon to a litter of pups. The first island born pups. They had to work together to learn to hunt, and survive. More and more pups kept being born on the island. Soon enough, generation after generation was born. The longer they stayed together on the island, the more difficult it was to return to sun, the moon, and the clouds. Soon, feral canines covered the island. Learning the ways of nature, all decedents of these three Gods. Overtime the packs formed with different skills, setting boundaries, and ranks. The shamans, I included keep this story alive throughout the years. Many people believe these dogs were actually Gods. I believe it too. "
- Kusa, former Bounders Pack shaman.

Coding Done By: ©Newt

(If anyone would want to make a new map, please let us know!)


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•Canis Kingdom Map
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