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Canis Kingdom is a semi realistic canine RPG
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Welcome to Canis Kingdom, a literate canine RPG. We are not just a role-play forum here, but a community. We have a strict set of guidelines. If you have any questions don't be shy to ask, everyone here would be willing to answer your question to the best of their ability.
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 •Ranks Guide

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PostSubject: •Ranks Guide   Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:25 pm

*Ranks marked with a (*) may accept wolves/dogs at the borders. High ranks are currently open to any new member that joins!


These are the leaders of the packs. Whatever they say goes. Any important decisions like promotions and war will be taken directly to them. There can only be two Elites per pack, and they MUST be mates!
Current Elites: 

These are the second in command. They back up the Elite and take over when they are not well or absent. Should anything happen to the Elite unexpectedly without them leaving a chosen canine to take over, the Theta will take control. There can only be two per pack, and they DO NOT HAVE to be mates, but they can be.
Current Thetas: N/A

These are the retired wolves of the pack. Any wolf or dog over the age of 9 is given the rank of Zeta, unless they are the Elite. Elites may keep they're rank, until they step down to become a Zeta. Zetas are very wise and can help the Elites make decisions.
Current Zetas: N/A

These are the third in command. They train wolves in need and back up the Elite with the Thetas. They're generally the best fighters in the pack. There can only be two per pack, and they DO NOT HAVE to be mates, but they can be.
Current Kappas: N/A

These are the wolves who will accept canines at the border most often. Their main job is to patrol the borders and check for trespassers. Sometimes, they can be sent with assassins for special "missions". There can be up to FIVE Elipsons!

These are the best trained canines in the pack. They act as spies and secret killers. They CANNOT go on missions without two things: The direct order from an Elite and an Elipson to accompany them. There can be only TWO Assassins per pack and they DO NOT have to be mates, but they can be.

These are the canines who "supervise" the basic ranks. For instance, there's two Lead Guardian, two Lead Trackers, two lead Watchers, and two lead Gammas. There can only be two leads for each basic rank, leading to a total of only EIGHT total leads per pack! They DO NOT have to be mates, but can be.


These are the warriors of the pack. Their strength is fighting, and they have to be able to defend the pack, no matter what. There is no limit.

These are the hunters of the pack. They keep all the pack's members' bellies full year round. Without them, the pack would struggle to remain strong. There is no limit.

These are the babysitters of the pack. While the mothers are off working, the Watchers take care of their young and keep them entertained. There is no limit.

These are the healers of the pack. They are excellent with herbs and they keep everyone healthy. They tend to injuries and illnesses, and help females give birth during spring. There is no limit.


These are the canines who don't have experience with pack life, aren't fit for any of the basic ranks, or REALLY screwed up. Either they disrespected a high rank or put the pack in danger, but there are many ways to earn this rank. There is no limit.

These are wolves who've been captured by other packs, maybe to be held for ransom or simply as a price to pay for a crime. Sometimes after war, a Captive will be taken just because. There is no limit.
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•Ranks Guide
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