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Welcome to Canis Kingdom, a literate canine RPG. We are not just a role-play forum here, but a community. We have a strict set of guidelines. If you have any questions don't be shy to ask, everyone here would be willing to answer your question to the best of their ability.
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 Neko Corapay Lake Predator and Prey

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Elite Spencer

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PostSubject: Neko Corapay Lake Predator and Prey   Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:18 am

Hopefully this guide will help you with you're role-play and give you some insight on how your character should act when hunting!

  Please be careful when hunting, we don't want overly strong or fast characters. Obviously, some canines are more skilled than others, vary in sizes, etc. We want our role-play to be as fair and realistic as possible!

Catching and Danger Levels

We're going to be using scales to determine how easy our prey is to catch, and how much of it their is! One colored x means it's easy to catch or find, five x's mean it's difficult!

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx Medium
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx Common
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx Not harmful



Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Deer (Not Bucks)
Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Catching Level ➝ xxxxx
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Where Can I Find My Prey?

Fish - Fish are located closer inland swimming in the warm pools near the flowery part of Sitka Meadow. Sometimes you can find a couple big ones on the other side of the meadow, but only when they come in for winter. Fish do have dens, under the water. It's unreachable by dog unless the fish are swimming around in shallow water.

Deer - Deer are located around the whole meadow, most of them tend to make their way up towards the landing strip in the Entrant Hunting Grounds. Bucks are common as well, usually they have a small herd of females and one or two doe's with them. Be careful when hunting deer, this is a very dangerous animal for us.

Rabbit - Rabbits hide among the flowery part of the terrains surrounding the lake, making burrows in the soft grass. They tend to avoid the damp parts of the terrains. They are difficult to catch because of their speed and agility, although they can be caught.

Mice - Mice are common amongst the wetlands of the lake. They tend to hand around the end of the meadow, into the Asfalis Den site.

Voles - Voles hang around more towards the direction of Chesma Island. Some can be found closer inland, but they tend to group in clusters, some actually cross into Chesma Island.

Snake - Snakes are tricky, they love the wetlands of Neko Corapay Lake but also make their holes towards Asfalis Den Site! They spend most of their time underground unless sunbathing. The best time to catch them is in the Spring or late Summer.

Toad/Frog - These slimy creatures can be found in the wetlands of the lake, and on the outskirts of the lake. They lurk near the pools of Neko Corapay Lake, generally close to the fish.


Poisonous Snake
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Poisonous Insects
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Poisonous Frogs
Sight Level ➝ xxxxx
Danger Level ➝ xxxxx

Where Can I Find My Predators?

Poisonous Snake - The poisonous snakes tend to live where we have our normal prey hunting snakes. They show up much less then envenoms snakes, but can still be a danger! They also tend to lurk around the edges of the lake, towards the water.

Buck - Bucks can be found with a small female herd, a herd usually consists of one or two bucks. Generally you find them looking for a deer to breed with in the Entrant Pack Landing Strip!

Poisonous Bugs - They hide in the tall grasses around the lake. Majority of bugs here aren't poisonous, but we do get a couple.

Poisonous Frogs - Although they aren't extremely common, they're definitely something to watch out for. Usually you can hear them, but be careful not to step on them! Some carry deadly poisons in their skin, which can cause red welts, major itching,  skin peeling, and fur loss. If it gets to bad, it can cause major sickness and even death. They chirp in the tall wet grasses, and around the water. Some of these frogs can be found on the Asfalis Landing Strips, in small trees!
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Neko Corapay Lake Predator and Prey
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