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Canis Kingdom is a semi realistic canine RPG
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Welcome to Canis Kingdom, a literate canine RPG. We are not just a role-play forum here, but a community. We have a strict set of guidelines. If you have any questions don't be shy to ask, everyone here would be willing to answer your question to the best of their ability.
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 •Do's and Don'ts When Creating Your Character

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Elite Spencer

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PostSubject: •Do's and Don'ts When Creating Your Character   Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:03 pm

With a pretty complex system that we have going on here at CK, things tend to get very confusing. Don't worry though, are staff has banded together to create a list of Do's and Don'ts when creating your character.


  • Do Make sure you have a picture on your joining form where it says "Photo" If not your application will be denied until that's fixed.

  • Present the Joining Keys! In total there is one joining key that is located within our Rules.

  • Make sure your history is at least two paragraphs long or longer if you would like! You have a chance at getting a higher rank if it is a pretty good size! The same goes for the Example Post too!

  • The examples post is required, don't think you can be let off easy just because you're friends with a member or staff. The only exception to this rule is if you are already a member and creating a second/third/fourth account you do not need to use this.

  • State the rank that you desire your character to be, it is very frustrating when members don't do this and it causes a ton of trouble.

  • Only use images of dogs, we don't accept "wolves,dingos,coyotes,etc." here unless you purchase the rare species item in the shop. All images of your canine MUSTY BE REAL NO DRAWINGS OR ANIME.

  • Only put down two sentences as your characters personality,appearance,history you will be declined instantly.

  • Use drawings/pictures anime screen caps and other digital art for your canines avatar or reference. We don't allow that here only real live animal stocks.

  • Cheat the joining key system, we can easily detect if you just went in and place "Joinign keys Removed By Admin" and all that. Each of our admins have a special signature they leave with there joining key check off so we can tell.

  • Cheat the character system, our staff can also tell when you create accounts without paying for the extra charcter slot. If we happen to catch any member doing this the account will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

  • Do not take another members artwork, such as photo manipulations,table codes, signatures, avatars, etc. and claim them as your own. We do not tolerate art theft or any theft on our site and this will result to immediate ban. If the user who you're taking the art from made the art for you you're okay to use it.

We are very strict with our rules here on Canis Kingdom and if we ever happen to find anyone at all breaking these laws it will result in serious punishment. We ask that you kindly report any misconduct to an admin (Ashal or Spencer) that way they can handle it.

Thank you and enjoy your stay on Canis Kingdom!

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•Do's and Don'ts When Creating Your Character
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